Look at any successful business, sports team, organization…You will find that the leader has mastered these TWO things

  • Identifying strengths in certain A players and pairing those strengths with certain B players
  • Creating effective teams based on personality and willingness to get along and work together
  • Identifying workload and allocating that workload efficiently amongst team members
  • Gauging morale of the organization and adjusting tempo/deadlines/objectives accordingly
  • Strategically placing individuals in certain positions to thrive
  • The ability to maintain composure under extreme stress
  • The ability to win people over, and have them perform at their best despite things crumbling around them
  • The ability to maintain poise with the customer, although internally the business is in chaos
  • The ability to piece together outside resources at the drop of a dime



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Tanner Mullen

Tanner Mullen

Hi, my name is Tanner and I'm the founder of DripJobs. I like to write about business, leadership, marketing, and sales! Find me on IG to connect @TradeThrive